The top five star restaurants of five star hotels located in Milan
At Acanto (Hotel Principe di Savoia), the cuisine of Executive Head Chef Fabrizio Cadei takes centre stage with menus that stylishly update the classics of Italian cuisine featuring a light, innovative touch which is also expressed in the presentation of his dishes.
The Gastronomic Restaurant (Palazzo Parigi) offers a perfect journey through the flavours of Italian traditional cuisine, interpreted with extreme attention and expertise. The ambience and design of the restaurant, embellished by works of art from the 17th through the 19th century, are inspired by Italian neoclassicism. A charming treasure trove overlooking a delectable private winter garden.
Delectable and eccentric, the Oltremare restaurant (Hotel Boscolo Exedra) expresses an innovative concept of contemporary luxury melding subtle decor with the tastes and flavours that exude from the evocative open-plan kitchen and exclusive VIP dining room which only seats 16 guests.
A combination of style, elegance and sophistication, the Armani/Ristorante perfectly mirrors the style that distinguishes all the creations of this world-renowned designer. 
Blending the old with the new, Il Baretto al Baglioni (Carlton Hotel Baglioni) has always been a landmark feature of Italian history. Today, in keeping with the fast evolving trends of this modern-day metropolis, it is indubitably the perfect venue for business meetings, but not only.
Surrounded by a magnificent garden, the luxurious, minimalist ambience of Ristorante Bulgari (Bulgari Hotel Milano) serves as the ideal backdrop for a highly sought-after tasting experience based on the creative cuisine of Head Chef Andrea Ferrero.
L’Opéra (Hotel De la Ville) offers a modern take on traditional cuisine that delights diners with a number of innovative, unexpected touches. The kitchen stays open until late at night, thus making it an ideal spot for post-theatre dining.

Tradition, innovation and creativity are the underlying hallmark features of the culinary specialities prepared by Executive Chef Sergio Mei at La Veranda (Four Seasons Hotel Milano). A highly appealing location which can be enjoyed at all times during the day thanks to its numerous themed initiatives. Chef Sergio Mei and his team of 28 staff offer diners Mediterranean cuisine with a twist, prepared with the best selection of fresh, seasonal ingredient.

If nostalgia is your thing, then you should definitely try Il Caruso (Grand Hotel et de Milan), a cosy, open-space location enhanced by a winter garden. At the new Caruso Fuori space, guests can dine at tables set up inside a charming veranda area.
Another of the hotel’s culinary reference destinations is Don Carlos, boasting exquisite food skilfully prepared by renowned Chef Angelo Gangemi.
In perfect keeping with the style and design of the hotel, the all black decor of Le Noir (The Gray) is a post-modern oasis featuring classic Mediterranean fare updated with a contemporary twist. 
The restaurant at Milan’s Park Hyatt hotel is called Vun and carries the signature of starred chef Andrea Apea – a sophisticated gastronomic experience that will surprise diners on account of its seasonal classics upgraded with an inventive twist.
Milano Hotel Scala’s Primadonna restaurant is an innovative, elegant venue offering confident renditions of traditional Milanese and Lombardy cuisine with an underlying philosophy of sourcing wholly organic ingredients, carefully selected for their freshness and quality.
One of the most renowned restaurants in the city, the Casanova (The Westin Palace) offers a skilful blend of traditional Lombard, Piedmont and Ligurian dishes embracing all the simplicity and lightness of authentic Italian food.
The Manzoni Restaurant, set within the eponymous hotel, offers diners an intimate, elegant ambience and fine food complemented by an excellent selection of fine wines.
The Roses restaurant (Starhotel Rosa Grand) never disappoints and is the perfect spot for a delicious dinner, a quick lunch or a mouth watering snack; right next to it, overlooking Piazza Fontana, is Tar.Tar, a “showroom” of taste featuring an array of different dishes that can be savoured throughout the day – from breakfast to an after-dinner snack.
To make your visit to Milan’s Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II even more enjoyable, we suggest visiting La Sinfonia (Seven Stars Galleria), a luxury location dedicated to excellence. This discreet restaurant offers a selection of various traditional dishes and can also be reserved for special events or celebratory dinners.
The cuisine of Straf Hotel & Bar offers a combination of traditional, international and fusion fare. Presentation, cooking and superb service all make it the ideal spot for a business lunch.
The Rubacuori Restaurant at Milan’s Hotel Château Monfort combines taste with the sophisticated décor of its rooms, where diners will be treated to delicious inventive dishes featuring classics cooked with an ingenious, innovative twist. 
Rubacuori Restaurant
The Restaurant “al V piano” (Grand Visconti Palace) offers spectacular views of the city, accompanied by chef Matteo Torretta’s multifaceted culinary creations.
The AlaCena restaurant at Milan’s Hotel Meliá offers a fusion of authentic Mediterranean, Spanish and Italian fare featuring an unparalleled selection of meat and fish dishes.
Located in the heart of the city, the Petit Pierre (Pierre Milano Hotel) offers a sublime array of only the finest Italian and Mediterranean cuisine.
Nestling in the Milan’s quaint Brera district, the Style Lounge Bar & Restaurant (Hotel Milano Style) offers an attractive space where old red brickwork, dating back to the 1840s, melds with modern gold leaf coated interiors for an uber-sophisticated dining experience.
An outstanding addition to upscale dining in Milan, the Da Noi In restaurant (Hotel Magna Pars Suites Milano), boasts a welcoming atmosphere and a one-of-a-kind aesthetic reminiscent of an Italian home. Sought-after ingredients of gastronomic tradition and seasonal produce skilfully transformed by chef Fulvio Siccardi into an extraordinary sensorial experience.