Giulia Liu’s dream of building a bridge between the East and the West resulted in the creation of Gong, a
restaurant offering Asian cuisine infused with a contemporary international flavour. When you enter Gong’s elegant dining room, the first thing you notice are the two huge onyx gongs that give the restaurant its name and transport you into a Far Eastern atmosphere. At this modern temple of degustation, amidst glass walls, dim lighting and an open-plan kitchen, East and West, past and present, tradition and innovation meet. The cuisine has a multi-cultural feel, which begins with the authentic flavours of age-old Chinese culinary tradition, and is gradually enhanced with contemporary, internationally influenced dishes. In the kitchen, the venue’s longtime chef Keisuke Koga infuses his offerings with typically Asian techniques, while the young Guglielmo Paolucci represents the creativity and sophistication of European cuisine.
Even the team working in the kitchen is multi-ethnic, with members from China, the Philippines and Japan. Each one plays a specific role, contributing to the creation of a menu featuring a harmonious kaleidoscope of aromas and flavours. In addition to typically Chinese dishes, including Singapore rice spaghetti, Peking Duck, Xiao long bao, Gong’s creative team of chefs continues to turn out innovative dishes including gourmet dim sum, a ceviche of Asian-style sea bass, Piccione sulla Via della Seta (pigeon breast pan-sauteed in butter and herbs, served with red turnips marinated in tosazu vinegar, and a cream of pain d’épice and foie gras), or crunchy pork belly, glazed with char siu sace served with a cream of smoked cauliflower and pollen.

Corso Concordia, 8
T: +39 02 76023873

Open Tue-Sun 12.30pm-2.30pm and 7.30pm-11.40pm. Mon 7.30pm-11.40pm