UPDATING (December 2022) – The Asola restaurant on the ninth floor has definitely been closed. Here you can find the new A’Riccione Terrazza 12 restaurant, a large seafood venue with a skyline view and lounge bar for aperitifs.

The exclusive restaurant that dominates piazza San Babila from above launches its latest culinary offerings with its appetizing Afternoon Menu and gourmand specialities for brunch.
MTorretta2_©Matteo-ValleOn the top floor of The Brian&Barry Building, Chef Matteo Torretta who leads a team of ten cooks, offers a light yet mouth-watering cuisine. This way he brings diners several of the great classics of Italian and international cuisine, upgraded with a contemporary twist.
Every day, from 2.30pm to 7pm, the restaurant’s Afternoon Menu features a range of delicacies including, for example, Matteo Torretta’s Caesar Salad, the chef’s Club Sandwich and his Caprese; conversely, for those in search of something a little more filling, the menu offers more substantial dishes like Risotto allo zafferano, the venue’s must-try Spaghettone pomodoro assoluto and Cotoletta alla milanese: simple yet tasty filling dishes designed to whet your appetite with their authentic, immediate flavours. Once upon a time there was brunch… or brunch as told by Matteo Torretta every Sunday from 11am to 4pm.
In anticipation of Expo, Chef Matteo Torretta brings diners a different brunch each Sunday, offering them a gastronomic journey in discovery of the flavours and cuisines of the entire world: Italy, Great Britain, Spain, the US… the menu is designed to suit all tastes while offering a sweet Sunday awakening to all those in search of the warmth of their country of origin or a brand new culinary experience.
Ingredients change according to the seasons and the dishes on offer, though tending to focus on international cuisine, nevertheless employ all the most typical products of Italian gastronomy. Particularly noteworthy, for example is the ‘veg’ corner where diners can savour light, healthy, vegetable-based dishes. Lastly, during the coldest winter months, in addition to a buffet, Asola also offers a tantalizing, regenerating express warm dish!


Open daily 12-11pm.

Via Durini, 28
M1 San Babila
T: +39 02 92853303

[By Stefania Vida]