NEW OPENING – Tiramisuteca, besides being a curious neologism is the term used to define a new must-go destination for dessert – or to be more precise, tiramisù – lovers in Milan. Located just steps away from the Colonne di San Lorenzo Mascherpa | Tiramisu + Coffee is a small, cosy pastry shop where tiramisu in all its shapes is the real king, from the most traditional recipes up to creative pairings, featuring hazelnut, pistachio, wild berries and chocolate cream. The name itself recalls the term used in Milanese dialect to define mascarpone, the thick cream cheese used to prepare tiramisu. Here, each tiramisu comes either in jars, in small eclair-like size or praline shaped, to be eaten on the site or on the go paired with various gourmet coffee creations created from an innovative brew coffee machine.
Mon-Fri 8.30am-8pm and Sat-Sun 9.30am-8pm.

Via De Amicis, 7
M2 (green line) Sant’Ambrogio
Phone: +39 02 36642055
GPS: 45.45728, 9.18066
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