Maccheroni restaurant is “Italy at the table”, where the cuisine is that prepared at home, according to recipes borrowed from regional specialties. At the base, ingredients selected from small local realities and breeders who offer rigorously organic and sustainable food: from Basilicata or Piedmont for meat; from Marche for pasta with only 100% Italian wheat. Among the vegetables, only those in season, of course. The atmosphere in this new restaurant in the Porta Venezia district is modern, simple and uncluttered, with a touch of elegance that is a welcome sight for guests.

The star dish is undoubtedly the “Carbonara”, which has the ambition to be one of the best in town. The menu is varied and includes pasta alla genovese, pasta and beans or with mushrooms and bacon, bucatini with sausage sauce or mixed pasta with potatoes and smoked provola cheese. The origins of typical Italian cuisine can also be found in the main courses: Parmigiana, meatballs and meatloaf, Milanese cutlet, roasts or cheese melted on bread. Dulcis in fundo the cakes, traditional and strictly homemade as the pastiera, apple pie and chocolate cake.