The highly awaited shopping district located in the majestic complex of City Life has officially opened its doors to the public, offering one of the widest offers for shopping lovers in town. Spread over 32,000 s.m, divided into three main areas, the new shopping mecca nestled between the futuristic towers designed by international starchitec0ts houses also a rich selection of gourmet destinations to satisfy all taste whims from early morning until late night. Restaurants and bars are located both in the open area and within a covered food hall at the shopping district’s first floor intertwined by lounges dedicated to relaxation designed by Zaha Hadid. Here’s a list of all the featured food brands:

1. Antica Focacceria S. Francesco, Eating Sicilian

Despite its name, Antica Focacceria S. Francesco not only features tasty focaccias with toppings and fresh ingredients, which can be stuffed and eaten on site or on the go, but also offers a selection of typical Sicilian delicacies. Plus, a vast array of sweet treats and patisserie. Besides the store at City Life shopping District, Antica Focacceria S. Francesco boasts other two locations in Milan. Official website: 

2. Bomaki, Brazilian Sushi

Featuring a creative cuisine born from a balanced meld between Japanese food and Brazilian flavours, Bomaki is a reference point for lovers of uramaki, the Japanese round rice rolls filled with fish, vegetables and even fruit enhances by tasty toppings and sauces. The restaurant opened at City LIfe is the fourth in town. Official website:

3. Calavera Fresh Mex, Burritos and More

Located in a trendy, Latin-inspired setting, easy to spot under the colourful Mexican skull logo, Calavera Fresh Mex boasts a rich menu featuring burritos and all thing Mexican. The creations, rich in colour and taste, can be mixed and matched and shared with friends. Official Facebook: @CalaveraFreshMex

 4. California Bakery, from Bagels to Pancakes

A bit of a typical American cafeteria, a bit of a cosy, feel-at-home gourmet destination, California Bakery daily serves a vast array of home-made cakes, biscuits and sweet treats, freshly pressed fruit juices, coffee and also savoury recipes for a healthy yet tasty lunch break. California Bakery can also be found in other 6 locations in the city. Official website:

5. Cioccolatitaliani, Italian and Chocolate-Based Patisserie

Aptly named Cioccolatitaliani, the cafe and bistro is well known for its accurate selection of only the finest chocolates. The menu features chocolate based cakes, sweet treats, ice creams and tasty coffee creations with a twist, plus a selection of savoury specialities to be enjoyed both at lunch or during the aperitivo ritual. Find other Cioccolatitaliani stores on the official website. Official website:  

6. East River, the American Pub

East River brings the authentic flavours of American beers to Milan, featuring a selection of Brooklyn Brew from the United States and tasty options including the true American burgers. East River also offers a selection of sweet treats and coffee to enjoy an U.S. -style breakfast. Official facebook: @eastriveramericanpub

7. Meatery, Steakhouse by Roadhouse

This new concept restaurant by Roadhouse features a special focus on different types of grilled meat, enhanced by the new trends in food&beverage, such as deeply aged meat cuts and innovative cooking methods, set into an urban, lively atmosphere. Official website:


8. Panini Durini, Italian-Style Glam Sandwitches

A bistro and a café at the meantime, Panini Durini delights its guests from breakfast time with viennoiserie and coffee creations, freshly squeezed fruit juices until aperitivo time. Its lunch menu offers a super-rich array of panini, stuffed focaccia recipes, creative salads and typical piadinas made only with the use of top quality ingredients. (Piazza Tre Torri) Official website:

9. Panino Giusto, Artisanal Italian-Style Fast Food

Set into a lively and viby atmosphere, Panino Giusto features a menu rich in panini, focaccias and toasts made with freshly cut cold cuts and local cheese enhanced by sauces and creative combinations. Official website:

10. Pie, Pizza Italiana Express

Located on the shopping centre’s second floor, PIE offers pizza lovers the chance of enjoying a customised pizza by mixing and matching the featured ingredients into creative combinations, to be eaten in a lively and friendly atmosphere. Plus a selection of pizza recipes based on the Italian tradition. Official website:

11. Red, Food and Books

Following a well-established format of literary cafeteria, Red conjures up the desire of a tasty break of discerning palates and the possibility of enjoying a vast array of books from the Feltrinelli bookstore. The menu features both sandwiches, quick snacks and hot specialties. Official website: (only in Italian)

12. Svinazzando, On-Demand Wine and Bottles

With its first store in Milan, in the heart of Piazza Tre Torri, Svinazzando has taken customisation to a higher level. Besides tasty lunch and aperitivo options to be paired with a glass of wine, Svinazzando offers the possibility of creating a tailor made bottle of wine by chosing the favourite wine label and bottle design option, as well as having it delivered straight to one’s home. No minimum quantity needed. Official website:

13. That’s Vapore, Steamed Delicacies

One of the favourites of lovers of healthy and light cuisine, That’s Vapore is famous for its vast array of delicate steamed delicacies taht range from appetizers up to main courses. The restaurant also offers a selection of fresh fruit, freshly pressed juices and desserts to be eaten on-site or on the go.  Official website:

14. The Meatball Family

As the name aptly explains, here gourmet meatballs are the absolute protagonist, ranging from traditional meat recipes up to vegan or vegetarian options. plus a selection of appetizers or side dishes to be eaten in a viby atmosphere at the shopping centre’s second floor. Official website:

15. Vivo, Fresh Fish Cuisine

Real fresh fish addicts can find a rich choice at Vivo. The delicacies in the menu span from raw fish to soups, pasta and rice recipes, as well as tasty main courses. Followed by a vast array of moth watering desserts. Official Facebook: @citylifevivo

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