Just steps from the vibrant Navigli, lovers of barbecued meat, with a specific focus on game, can find their share at the newly-opened Valhalla – La Brace degli Dei, the first Viking restaurant in the city. Here, amidst animal skins, shields and helmets from the Nordic populations, selected by architect Andrea Murciano and designer Giampaolo Morelli to recall the Valhalla, the palace of the Vikings warriors, guests can savour game slowly cooked on embers or with special low-temperature techniques. Highlights include Ullr (deer tartare), Tanngnjostr (sliced roe deer meat), Hildsvin (boar slowly cooked with beer), as well as deer burgers. Vegetarian-friendly options are also featured in the menu and can be paired with craft beers, mead and wine from small local producers.

Via Gaetano Ronzoni 2
M2 (green line) Porta Genova F.S.
T: +39 02 84041503

Open Tue-Sat 7pm-11pm. Sun 12pm-3pm. Closed on Monday.