In addition to the most iconic addresses, Milan offers many less well-known cocktail havens and wine haunts worth visiting. Here are some places recommended by Where®. La Cieca (in Italian) in via Vittadini is a small but interesting wine bar that also hosts workshops and wine tasting courses, and takes its name from the street in which it is located. And, La Cieca Pink (only in Italian) located in via Pier Lombardo, is a wine bar, but above all, it is a cultural meeting place where customers can drink a good glass of wine while chatting or browsing through its selection of books and vinyls. The Vinodromo (in Italian) in via Salasco (a name and a program!) offers a wide selection of wines, with a particular focus on biological and biodynamic craft wines. Il Cavallante is an interesting venue that offers a wine list comprising a wide selection of wines, served, by the glass and accompanied by its chef’s tantalizing snacks (T: 02 54107325). Our short Milanese wine tour ends in Ripa di Porta Ticinese at Il Vinaccio (only in Italian). Located in the quaint Navigli district, it is described by its owners as the “neighbourhood winery”. A wine bar where everyone, from the connoisseur to the amateur, will easily find the right wine to while away the evening in the company of friends.