On 24 June 2015 the FCA group has opened the doors of the new luxury flagship stores of Alfa Romeo and Jeep®  named Arese Motor Village.
This new fashionable spot is located within the well-known historic headquarters of Alfa Romeo in Arese, just 18 kilometers (roughly 11 miles) away from Milan, also house to the Alfa Romeo Museumto a bookstore, a luxury cafeteria and a conference or events room capable of hosting up to 500 people and also bookable for private initiatives.
FCA has than introduced a new, exclusive concept of showroom hosting not only the dealerships of the two most iconic brands of the group, but a true full immersion in their worlds, allowing customers to get into the brand’s soul while choosing their favourite cars.
At the ground floor, a clever mixture of alloy and natural wood is the heart of Jeep®  showroom, boasting the best selection of the brand’s offroad vehicles and SUVs such as Wrangler, Renegade and Cherokee.

The Jeep® showroom in Arese
The Jeep® showroom in Arese

At the upper floor Alfa Romeo showroom is set, following the same concept as the latter, but characterised by a different architecture featuring glass and iron, evocative of speed and of the world of races displaying the famous 4c, Mito and Giulietta in all their varieties.
The Alfa Romeo showroom
The Alfa Romeo showroom

Both dealerships at the Arese Motor Village boast exclusive services only availble in the flagship stores, among which many appealing corners displaying official merchandising, accessories and spare parts, as well as the chance to choose easily among the many models on display with the help of expert consultants or also enjoy the live configuration of the customer’s car directly on a Apple Tv. Only in Arese, the cars’ delivery is an overwhelming experience, thanks to exclusive Delivery Area, where customers can learn every technical detail of their brand-new model before enjoying the peerless chance to try their vehicle on the trial track, like in a real race. Though official dates are still pendent, Arese Motor Village has also announced it will also be possible for international customers to order their favourite car, maybe even personalized, in Arese and to have it delivered directly in their native country, wherever it is, to experience the best of Made in Italy luxury shopping.
Open daily from 9am to 8pm.

Viale Alfa Romeo
Arese (19 km from Milan)
T: +39 02 44425600