UPDATING (December 2022) – The restaurant has definitely been closed.

Good news for lovers of Szechuan cuisine. A new restaurant has opened in the Bovisa district, just a few minutes from the city centre. It offers the great classics from the gastronomy of this Chinese province that is an oasis of giant pandas, and the crossroads of four rivers. The venue’s fiery Szechuan cuisine is expressed in tangy lamb cutlets, stir-fried frog’s legs with tongue-tingling chicken in a pink pepper sauce, plus a more delicate baked fish served with pickled vegetables and a secret, spicy sauce (all dishes are also available in a slightly less spicy version). If all this hot chilli pepper has made you thirsty, order the locale’s unusual, delightfully fragrant wheat tea, instead of water. The décor reflects typical old-world Southern Chinese furnishings, and occasionally a musician livens up the atmosphere with the notes of a Gu Zheng, an ancient instrument resembling a cithara.

Via degli Imbriani, 1
M3 (yellow line) Maciachini
T: +39 02 36532287