South Garage represents an unmissable destination for the motorcycling universe and encompasses the worlds of clothing, classic motorbikes, and food & beverage in a single flagship store.
In keeping with the tradition of British or American garages that bear the name of the urban area in which they are located, this new 3,000 sq.m. location in the Corvetto area encompasses Europe’s largest proprietary Triumph flagship store, a clothing and accessories boutique, a two-wheeler customisation atelier, a Gentleman’s Club and a Café&Bistrot.
South Garage offers a true bespoke experience for your motorbike, where nothing is standardised and everyone can make their own unique and personal object of desire. From the choice of clothing and accessory brands in the shop, to the culinary experience in the bistro, to the opportunities for customising motorbikes, everything is unique and reflects a precise style, with a handcrafted and original soul in the name of exclusivity and passion. This also applies to the bistro, which for dinner changes guise and becomes a contemporary osteria with a creative approach.